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Set B2

Set B2

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Coaster style
Candle scent

Picking out something special for your teachers? Choose Set B2, with three specially curated items: 

  • 1 x pressed flower coaster, customisable with design, inclusion of name, and colour of flakes and lettering 
  • 1 x mini faux rose bouquet 
  • 1 x tea light candle 

All packed into a presentable kraft box. 

For the coaster, the 2 designs available are: 

  • Flower Field (name in the center) 
  • Flower Ring (name at the top) 

For the flower coaster, please note that the flowers chosen are seasonal and each piece is one-of-a-kind! They all replicate the same look and feel as in the photos. 

Please indicate name to be included under “Special Order Instructions” in your cart when checking out. 

For the candle, the 3 scents are: 

  • Grateful: Grapefruit, Bergamot, White Musk - Experience a radiant glow of gratitude with the refreshing blend of sun-kissed grapefruit, uplifting bergamot, and comforting white musk. "Grateful" perfectly encapsulates the zest of life and the grace of blooming flowers.
  • Inspirational: White Tea, Lavender - Get captivated by the elegant tranquility of white tea and soothing lavender. This fragrance brings a breeze of calm and balance to your space, fostering an atmosphere of inspiration and timeless elegance.
  • Empowering: Coffee, Orange - Energize your space with the robust aroma of freshly grounded coffee and the zesty essence of oranges. "Empowering" sparks enthusiasm, fueling your drive and infusing your day with vitality and joy.


  • For pre-orders before 20 Aug, items will be delivered by 29 Aug
  • For pre-orders after 20 Aug, items will be delivered by 7 Sep


Domes and bouquets:

flat rate, island-wide. Hand-delivered to ensure your items reaches you safely! FREE for orders above $120.


$5 flat rate, island-wide. FREE for orders above $75

For self-collection (free!), please contact us at after you have placed your order to arrange for a suitable date and time. Collection is available at:

  • Punggol (all days)
  • Outram (selected days)

Things to note

Preserved flowers are made from natural flowers, and thus colours may differ slightly from batch to batch, and variety may be seasonal.

While we try to recreate your chosen creation, please understand that there may be slight variances in colours or flowers. In the event that the flowers in the images are unavailable, we will substitute them with others of similar colour and value without advance notice, while still retaining the same look and feel.

Care Instructions

Preserved flowers:

Your handcrafted preserved flowers and foliage items are made of natural materials and have been carefully preserved and made to last for a long time with minimal care. However, due to Singapore’s weather, it is normal that they are affected by humidity.

If you notice them becoming slightly transparent or damp, try the following:

  • Gently blow them with a hairdryer at a distance under low heat
  • Spray with unscented hairspray to protect from the air
  • For wearables, store in an airtight box with desiccants

If you notice mould growing during rainy seasons, try the following:

  • Gently brush them lightly with a toothbrush or tissue paper
  • Mist them with some alcohol spray and allow to dry thoroughly

Kept under good conditions (and a lot of love!), they can last at least a year or even longer!

Pressed flowers:

As they are cast in high quality resin, your item will be everlasting if they are showered with care!

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